Our Story

Ghee Delight found its origin in traditional Indian cooking that focuses on consuming more nutrients, strengthening the core, boosting energy and making the food ten times yummier. Our aim is to enhance your pantry with traditional, versatile and handcrafted GHEE that nourishes our entire internal system starting from the bones, muscles, and nervous system. Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this ghee enriches the mind, body and soul.

Growing up in an Indian household, Ghee was a homemade staple for my family which was added to most of our foods. I had seen my mother churning butter to make a fresh batch of ghee once a month and I was always amazed at how much effort she would put into it. Initially, I never understood the importance of Ghee in our diet but later when I discovered my passion towards cooking, I learnt how Ghee was the best cooking medium, over all other cooking oils and fats for a healthy lifestyle and how it enhances the taste.

When I moved to Canada a few years ago, I started making ghee at home using store-bought butter but it lacked the authentic taste and to my dismay, the ghee brands found in stores also didn't use the traditional process. Hence began my pursuit of replicating the same traditional ghee-making process that has been used for ages. I started making ghee from scratch by sourcing local heavy cream which is fermented into yogurt overnight. Further, the yogurt is churned into cultured butter and slow-cooked until lactose, casein and moisture are completely removed to form magical golden ghee. I used this ghee in my daily diet and for friends and family dinners on special occasions. The comments on how flavourful and aromatic the food tasted, made me explore the opportunity of making flavored Ghee.

In the next phase of my journey, I made various flavors of ghee and distributed them to my friends to seek feedback. After a few iterations of the recipes, I shortlisted a few flavors to launch and thus, was born 'Ghee Delight'.